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Android, USA, Burst, November, 1-12, 2015


AliExpress is one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world. Managers of the company came to us with the task of promoting an AliExpress mobile application on the Android platform. It required only high-quality settings without attracting motivated traffic. Country of promotion: the USA. It is important that there is virtually no difference to us in which country to promote the application, the system is equally well adapted to all markets.

We have collected statistics and conducted a detailed analysis, based on the data obtained we chose Facebook as the main source of traffic. At the stage of work with advertising materials it was needed to identify the most effective concept of creatives. For designers, it was a real challenge: on the one hand they had to create advertising banners attractive to users, and on the other hand to comply with the customer's stringent requirements. As a result, sorting through a few options, using the goods, hand-drawn graphics, the visual image of the company, we stopped at the banners with images of happy customers. And several options for the tests were created in our banner generator at that, and they showed quite good results.

Then we launched the test procurement phase for the purpose of adjusting the targeting settings and selection of the most effective creatives. Based on successful banners, a complete set of creatives needed for the campaign was created.

After starting the advertising, we were carefully monitoring key indicators and constantly adjusting the campaign settings. The automatic procurement optimization also helped greatly, which by default runs in service, disabling inefficient channels and redistributing budgets to effective ones. The main objectives were to reduce CPI and attract quality traffic. We achieved a CPI decrease to $ 0.95 without sacrificing the Retention Rate, which can be considered a successful solution.

The customer was completely satisfied with the result of promotion. We continue our active cooperation with AliExpress.


  • Budget

    $71 000

  • Installs

    101 302

  • CPI


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