We decided to create a special tool aimed at mobile apps’ promotion which could change the market and make it more transparent.

Sergey Karagodin, co-founder

The main value for us is the excellent results of our clients and their positive feedback inspires us.

Dmitriy Radchenko, CEO and co-founder

Mobile Marketing Market is one of the most promising business areas. I believe that I’ve chosen a great team to implement big plans in this niche.

Ilya Popov, investor, partner

Our goal is to automate the promotion, make it simple and effective.

Qmobi was founded in 2014. After a year of hard work and active business development, we attracted several large clients, for example AliExpress, Badoo, Yandex and Megafon. We've proven the effectiveness of our service in the real world. You can read more about this in the Case Study section.

In 2015, after attracting some venture capital, we are expanding to new markets. Today we are operating in the USA, South-West Asia and Europe. Our company is actively developing, opening new frontiers and perfecting new uses for our solution.

Snezhanna Kulinskaya

Head of Business Development

Mayya Kim

Business Development Manager

Slava Budnik

Art Director

Maxim Ivanov

Business Development Manager

Ksenia Mikhaylova

Office Manager

Boris Logvinovsky

Senior Editor

Alex Neganov

Head of RTB-project

Nick Rogozhko

Lead Designer

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