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    Sportamix is a unique global sports networking platform that offers the opportunity to make valuable connections in the sports world. With a Sportamix profile, people who participate in sports can simply and conveniently discover and interact with one another.

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    We love seeing our clients succeed
    Qmobi is willing to do whatever it takes to make a campaign successful, even when others say it’s impossible. They are very honest and transparent, even taking an occasional negative ROI while working to grow our campaigns. They have dedicated more effort than any of my other partners to trying new things and creating new materials.
    Patricia Galiano
    Senior Panel Development Analyst, comScore, Inc.

    We chose Qmobi because of their project management team. They were always able to help us with questions around the new Facebook software development kit or similar issues.

    Our contact is a very good manager. I haven't had experience working with similar companies to Qmobi. Even though we receive a few emails every week from vendors looking to work with us, we don’t see a need for moving to someone else.

    Tim Raiter
    Co-Founder, Hello Baby
    Qmobi is a reliable partner with high quality traffic from all over the world.
    Lu Li
    Senior Business Development Manager, Alibaba
    Qmobi has always been a great marketing partner for us. They understand the business and go extra mile to deliver the KPI's, which is very hard to be seen these days.
    Anisor Raheman
    Marketing Manager, Swan
    Qmobi provides us with the top-quality traffic from such a competitive region as the US. We are happy to have a partner with a wide expertise of the american market that carries out KPI to the full extent.
    Maria Petryaeva
    Business Development Manager, iFunny

    We cooperate with Qmobi starting from the early days of promotion, so far this company has shown great results. Qmobi has increased total number of installs 4 times, moreover all set KPIs have been reached. I do thank our account manager for timely help and support.

    Qmobi’s managers are available 24/7, and for us, they’re definitely inside the Top-3 best user acquisition agencies.

    Stanislav Bukreev
    Marketing Director, YouDo
    QMobi agency has been promoting Youla mobile applications for several months. During this time Qmobi has demonstrated true value with high-quality traffic, maintenance of all specified requirements and guidelines, qualified and competent employees that are always ready to suggest creative solutions aimed at improving campaign’s results
    Dmitry Vdovin
    Head of marketing department, Youla ( Group)
    Qmobi is our reliable partner, ready to carry out all the goal-oriented KPIs, necessary for our business growth. We’ve been working since the beginning of 2017 constantly extending our win-win cooperation.
    Yuriy Ivanov
    Head of marketing, Joom

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