BuzzVideo: LOL Video Community

Partnering For Growth In USA and LATAM

The BuzzVideo app delivers daily viral videos for your entertainment and personal enjoyment. Our friends at Bytedance Inc. wanted to spread laughter and community engagement through viral comedy and funny videos.

8 Months
Of High Quality

BuzzVideo set the following goals for us. They expected Qmobi to get as many installations as possible at a specific cost we agreed on, maintain KPI’s, and operate with no budget constraints. The geographies required were the USA and Brazil.


During our working arrangement, we created and designed over 4000 static and video creatives. This approach allowed us to effectively optimize our campaigns and consistently deliver on the expectations set before us for many months.


We ran into some challenges with delays as a result of the long wait time required for the approval of creatives originating from outside the company. We managed to guide the creatives through the approval process and pushed the campaign live the moment we had authorization.


In the first couple weeks, we were able to reach a level of three to four thousand high quality installations per day from Facebook. As a result of this parabolic increase in installs, BuzzVideo had to introduce a daily limit on installations.


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