From Zero to Hero

From Soft Launch to Aggressive Growth for this Life Simulator Game

From Zero to Hero is a life simulation game for iOS and Android. The player starts the game as a jobless kid living on the street with empty pockets. The player has to find ways to earn money, get a job, study, find a way up the corporate ladder, trade in the stock market and win money at the casino, buy cars, houses and planes, and do whatever it takes to be a president before the character dies of old age.

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We put our full force and all the resources we had access to in order to grow the game in terms of KPI’s, DAU, and ARPU while acquiring maximum Return on Ad Spend. This is a perfect illustration of one of our partnerships using the profit share model.


We began working with the project earlier after it finished with the soft launch stage. By leveraging our experience with promoting games of various categories, we quickly defined the profile of our target user. We assembled a user acquisition strategy across multiple geographies and began building the project’s user base. We proceeded to create look-a-likes by in-game events at the top of the funnel, gradually reaching our target volume in-app purchases.


Initially, the project had several drawbacks in terms of Retention and Average Revenue Per User. However, due to close cooperation between our game design team and the developer, we were able to significantly increase KPIs and make the game a success.


We were involved from the launch of the application that took Place in January of 2018. We provided a significant increase in installs in the App Store from 36,000 to +273,000 in March, and +600,000 in May. by September, we reached a total volume of +2,000,000 users.

Conversion from purchases to installs from our traffic was 30%.

The Qmobi team has been engaged in this market for quite a while. We are well known for working with established games and growing new users, as well as launching new projects just out of soft launch. We are here to raise your mobile game to the top and make your app millions through any of our working arrangements.


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