Quality Growth for A Top Entertainment App

iFunny is a community for meme lovers and viral memes around the internet. It is one of the top 10 most popular entertainment apps in the US, with Reddit as a competitor.

2 Years
Active Partnership

Our objective was to increase campaign results by converting users, establishing brand awareness, and improving overall presence in the social networking and entertainment app market. Ultimately, we wanted high quality and high volume installs while retaining current users. Our focus was to monetize through in app ads without compromising the user experience.


We enhanced current content and display app features to raise the apps position in the IOS & Android app stores. We created the ideal persona and profile for user type regarding age, device type, geography, as well as many other profiling metrics. We also tested many variables regarding creatives and audiences, and optimized using the highest converting approach. Once we collected enough event based data, we proceeded to build unique look-alike user segments. We kept building these segments until we reached a satisfactory conversion rate with significant volume. Furthermore, we regularly tested new creatives and strategies, and were able to maintain these high level results over a notable period of time.


We had some difficult expectations to fulfill with iFunny. What made this project complicated was the fact that the declared CPI for a normally expensive GEO was below market average. We managed to leverage the main value drivers of the application as well as the entertainment value that it provides to users to drive installs. iFunny provides users a tremendous resource of creatives, and we were able to showcase that to get results and fulfill monthly expectations.


For over 2 years, we worked hand in hand with iFunny and achieved incredible results for the app. We successfully developed high quality audiences for the application, and during our work together iFunny experienced 20X growth. One of the primary KPI’s was 2 Day Retention Rate. We were able to maintain 55% and higher for this metric.


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