Ride-Hailing App Growth at Home and International Expansion

inDriver is a transportation network company with over 20 million users in 200 cities spread across 18 countries. Passengers determine the price of the trip and the order is confirmed by the first driver to accept the offered price.

Users and Counting

Our goal was to grow the company’s market share in Russia and LATAM with a focus on First Time Orders for passengers and Complete Registration for drivers.


We began working with inDriver by first discovering and developing the ideal user persona. We created a profile for both drivers and riders in terms of age, device type, geography, and other targeting metrics. We tested various approaches regarding creatives and audience building. We optimized by the best converting approach. Once we collected a significant quantity of events, we proceeded to build a number of unique look-alike user segments. We kept building these segments until we achieved satisfactory conversion rates at significant volume. We constantly tested new creatives, and were able to maintain our results over a notable period of time.


The ride-sharing app category is highly competitive with a good amount of big players and market leaders present in every country. This normally contributes to a high cost per user acquisition, since competitors normally overwhelm the market with significant resources during seasonal events and promotions. As a result of inDrivers creative approach to market entry and unique selling proposition, we were able to attract high volume of both passenger and driver user types.


We managed to assist the inDriver in growing its positions across various markets. We are proud to state that we were able to attract high quality users as a cost below industry standards over a period of 13 months and counting. Our conversion for First Time Order is 40% + from every user acquired.


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