1.2 Million New Registrations Over a Two Month Period

Sportamix is a one of a kind global sports networking platform that offers the opportunity to make valuable connections in the sports world. With a Sportamix profile, people who actively engage in sports can simply and conveniently discover and interact with one another.


Sportamix plans to officially launch in Q2 of 2019. We have been actively involved in preparing the platform regarding analysis of the potential audience worldwide and the competitive environment. Our goals are to attract 1 million registrations, and at launch to convert attracted users to the application via email marketing.


Our work included marketing campaigns, media planning and strategy, design of creatives and landing pages, as well as media buying and scaling. We strategized and handled community management, and took charge of the design of marketing materials for the platform unveiling at Leigh Steinberg’s 32nd Annual Superbowl Party. We also spearheaded:

  • Front end UX/UI analysis and recommendations
  • The creation of mail and retargeting campaigns to convert prospects to users at the time of platform launch

During the first month of our work with Sportamix, we were able to provide such a high volume of new users that filled in the required form, that the client was forced to set daily volume restrictions since they began experiencing website downtime.


We managed to drive such a high volume of quality users that Sportamix had to set volume limits, otherwise the site would shut down. We were able to accomplish this through the use of the following traffic sources, including Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, and Facebook and Instagram Feed.

Results by the Numbers:

  • 700,000 registrations achieved during 1st month alone
  • 1500 creatives designed
  • Average CTR of 3%

Currently, we are finalizing our work for the UI/UX optimization of the platform and are almost ready to launch.

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