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Facebook Relevancy

Our goal was to acquire high quality users at significant volume and continue growing the client’s user base at a competitive rate. Quality was measured by users Day 1 Retention Rate of 60% and higher.


During the first couple of weeks in our engagement with this project, we were able to find the most effective approaches to satisfy the client’s requirements, moderators of the traffic source, and to deliver on the expectations we set of high volume with high quality traffic.


We encountered difficulties with the banner policies by the client. Receiving approval for creatives and materials took especially longer than expected, and was the main issue we ran into. This required a competent and comprehensive approach on our end during our management of the project. Further, our work was made even more complicated by the severe moderation implemented by Facebook, who had a generally negative attitude towards the content being published.


Results by the Numbers:

  • Average CTR for our banners was 6-8%.
  • We managed to maintain a Facebook Relevance Rating of 10 out of 10.
  • We delivered 10 months of high volume + high quality performance.
  • During our engagement, we saw 300% Growth in Installs.

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