Full scope
of digital
Performance Marketing
Qmobi’s team of experts have extensive knowledge and experience managing projects across all verticals. Over the years, we have acquired a deep understanding in building focussed audiences, as well as the strategies behind acquiring significant volumes of quality traffic.
Where do we
get traffic?

Our strategic partnerships with multiple platforms allows us to generate organic and sponsored prospects at a significant scale.


We use a number of metrics to build your audience, including countries, cities, age, gender, interests, device type, OS version, type of internet connections, look-a-likes and many others.

No bots
and machine

We ensure there is no bot and machine activity behind the actions we drive. We take full responsibility for the quality of users we drive through our campaigns.

Full traffic
quality control

1. Analyst access to all ad accounts — you can easily monitor ad performance at any time.

2. All creatives are related to the application (we care about your reputation and exclude misleading materials).

3. Ad optimization by KPI: we switch off ad campaigns that do not meet your KPI and pay attention to those which are performing well.


1. We have accumulated extensive experience and made a significant investment in our team in order to make creatives that lead to the target in-app actions.

2. We monitor global and local Internet trends and can skillfully use them in a campaign to increase the CTR and to lower the CPC, CPI, CPA.

3. Production of creatives is free for you.


All traffic is purchased directly from social networks without any intermediaries.

Scaling your

When your app has been on the market for a period of time and has achieved considerable results, Qmobi is here to take that growth one step further. We specialize in growing new users and driving sizable volume.

of collaboration
Percent From
Ad Spend Budget
Management fee is based on the amount of ad spend and terms of the agreement.
Cost per

You only pay for the CPI’s that are reached at the negotiated price we agree upon. This removes risk from your equation, and allows you to reliably grow your business or app with confidence. Consistent results, at guaranteed prices.

Cost per
We offer industry specific CPA and KPI driven media buying campaigns based on your objectives. These campaigns focus on driving the attention of users that perform a specific action, whether it be subscribing, purchasing, ordering, signing up, and so on.

We run your campaign and pay the bill as well. Revenue sharing gives us the opportunity to handle your marketing and share in your success. When using this method, Qmobi takes a certain share from the revenue generated through our marketing efforts.

Launching your product
If you are new to the digital industry,
we will provide a high level analysis
of your project.
We offer:
  • Consulting on all
    matters for UX/UI
  • Monetization models
    and instruments
  • Monetization models
    and instruments
  • Analytics
  • Launch strategy
Determining your target audience
and key performance indicators —
Test Campaign
Test Campaign
To assure that we can get the results you need, we run a thorough test campaign to achieve baseline KPI’s and results. Through this test, we are able to measure our performance and pass the results onto you. After this test is complete, we will report the best cost per purchase we can get you and also suggest changes to be made in order to improve conversions.

This will be
achieved by

Discovering the target audience of the project by performing a series of marketing approaches in terms of audience targeting and creatives.

30 new

After initial tests, we will understand which segments of the target audience bring best results.


We will collect statistical data and set benchmarks for KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).


We will reach the optimal cost of user acquisition for maximum ROAS(Return on Ad Spend).


Begin scaling procedures and increase spend while maintaining ROAS ratios.


Develop the minimum of 30 new creatives of various formats (static, video, playable) grouped by specific approaches.


Use 10-15 banners that demonstrated good results with projects of the same theme.

Let’s grow
your project

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mobile advertising