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Outreach campaign
Increase Brand Awareness
Raise awareness and brand confidence, support the launch of new products.
Increase the flow of users to your website
We run outreach campaigns on desktop and mobile devices, video streaming services and social networks.
Understanding the purpose
To begin with, we closely communicate with the client to achieve an understanding regarding what exactly we are hoping to achieve with the outreach campaign. By setting a benchmarking statement, we will be able to ensure that marketing activities are working toward this goal.
Defining the target audience
What is your customers path to a purchase? What do they need and want? Who or what sources influence them?
Campaign Reach
Is the goal to engage direct customers or those who influence the opinions of your customers? The decision depends on the brand’s current outreach and following.
What is the current environment during the time of the campaign? Are competitors launching similar products? Is there new legislation? Are we at a time of religious or national holidays? And other factors that will affect our approach.
Defining the plan for the campaign
At this point of our process, all the collected information comes together into a strategy that meets our benchmarked objective.
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