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Profit Share

Profit sharing gives us the opportunity to handle your marketing and share in your success. The Qmobi team has a vast and successful experience of growing and developing projects, especially mobile applications. During the years that we have been on the market, we have acquired a strong understanding of the audience and formed voluminous user clusters, and can therefore attract impressive volumes of effective traffic.

After developing an advantageous partnership with Qmobi and enhancing your app’s UI/UX & features, Qmobi’s specialists evaluate user tendencies on your app to maximize your company’s revenue. We then consult with your team on how to implement changes in order to monetize your app efficiently.

With all the resources that we have in our arsenal, we are always looking for projects that we can help grow.

Working on a profit share agreement merges the interests of the client and the agency and allows to significantly boost reach and profits.

What is an
incubator agency?

An agency that has a bunch of processes and systems for looking at a business and really building it up.

In the scope of such partnerships, we:
  • Finance marketing budgets and perform user acquisition
  • Work on improving organic growth on a constant basis
  • Organize B2B lead generation if needed
  • Create interest in the product via publications in profile publications
  • Work with the client for a percentage of profits
  • Provide PR support for the product
  • Help to form interest and involvement of a wide pool of investors when the company reaches the point of M&A or when attracting the next round of investments.

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